Member of Parliament and current head of the Green Party Cem Özdemir wants to legalize Cannabis in Germany. To this end, he was seen participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, demonstratively posing before a Cannabis plant (plant as in: a single flower, not a farm mind you!). Now, he’s about to face prosecution by the State because even the simple possession of Cannabis is already a criminal offense in that country.

Heartbreaking news: actor Robin Williams died at 63, probably after committing suicide. He suffered from a severe depression. Best remembered for his movies, including the incredible Good Morning, Vietnam, Robin was one of the most friendly and humble people I know. Robin was truly a mensch.

My personal favorite movie with Robin Williams is What Dreams May Come.

Robin, you’ll be missed. But at least, you don’t suffer anymore.

Have you ever wanted to run some ancient Unix on original hardware? Well, the hardware is hardly accessible nowadays, but fortunately, we have SimH, the simulator for historical computers.

In this post, we’ll briefly boot up Unix v5 on a PDP11 and see how it looks and feels like.

I’ve chosen a PDP11 on purpose, because that was the machine that Unix was written on.

A lighted candle in the dark shines much brighter than at noon, in the bright sun.

Right now, the National Security Agency‘s internal division responsible for assuring the security of the NSA may very well be blinded by too much public exposure of the organization. The NSA’s immune system may be quite vulnerable at the moment and for many more months, and perhaps even years to come.