Many years ago, while browsing the US Airforce website, I’ve stumbled across an intriguing recruiting ad. Before reading any further, please have a look at it on YouTube.

Surprising, eh?

I saved the original video file, because this ad was so outstanding and out of the ordinary. In fact, it is one of the most human ads that a military institution ever produced and released.

It’s a shame that the “Lullaby Ad” isn’t available anymore on the USAF websites. It was one of the best ever. If someone at the USAF is reading this, please, please, contact whoever is responsible for this, and ask them to put it back online.

Should I find the original file in my old backups, I’ll put it on this blog (assuming that it is public domain, since it was produced by the US Government). I’m sure that I’ve saved it somewhere, but I’m not sure the old backup CD-Rs are still readable after all those years.