According to a recent Financial Times article, Google Inc. is set to leave China, because it allegedly refuses to continue censoring the results it returns to Chinese users. Great move, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Seriously considering to abandon the big Chinese market to their biggest competitor Baidu just for defending freedom of speech is a very courageous and bold move, for which Google can’t be commended enough. Especially since very few companies are willing to put real money where their mouth is (“don’t be evil“), and losing the potentially biggest market in the world is a lot of money indeed.

However, considering that Google already censors its results, both domestically and in various jurisdictions, one has to wonder what led to this escalation with China.

I simply can’t believe that it’s only the incident with Chinese Crackers allegedly exploiting a governmental backdoor in GMail. There must be a lot more happening behind closed doors. But what? Googling for it doesn’t yield anything substantial… for now. Or is that information censored as well? ;)