You thought World War II was ancient history and definitely a thing of the past? You may want to reconsider: two days ago, an old 500 kg (1,000 pound) WW2 bomb exploded in the German city of Göttingen, killing 3 specialists of a bomb disposal squad who tried to defuse it.

Germany is still littered with thousands of bombs that were dropped during World War II, but that — for one reason or another — failed to explode and are buried deep into the ground. All too often, construction workers stumble across such bombs, and one of the numerous bomb squads is duty bound to defuse them. This always involves a lot of police and firefighters, redirecting traffic, and evacuating a lot of people. Fortunately, thanks to the high professionalism of the disposal teams, accidents are rare, even though the old fuses are often in pretty bad shape after all those years, resulting in very dangerous work conditions.

Unexploded WW2 ordnance is so common in Germany that it’s hardly worth reporting in the nationwide media. At best, some local newspapers dedicate a few words and a couple of photographs to such a “routine” bomb disposal “event.”

In Göttingen, what used to be routine, ended up in a tragedy.

World War II is officially over, but it still claims lives.