It’s time to look at some old blog entries and post some follow-ups. Instead of updating each and every entry in-place, this article briefly summarizes what changed.

Element 112

In Welcome Element 112, I suggested the name Emergentium (for 112, the almost universal emergency call number). Of course, it would have been too good to be true had they picked that name. The official name for Element 112 is now Copernicium. I like that too.

PKI Infrastructure

In Public Key Infrastructure with OpenSSL, I’ve mentioned Trent, the role assumed by a Certification Authority (CA). In theory, CAs are assumed to keep their private signing keys secret, because their whole business (trust) depends on this. In the real world, even CAs can get hacked, DigiNotar being a current example of a CA going bankrupt.

Best eBook Reader?

Maybe there’s no such thing as a best eBook reader. There are crappy readers, and there are barely acceptable readers. Some of them are even good, if your expectations aren’t too high.

I’ve settled with a Kindle DX Graphite from Amazon for now, and I’m satisfied with it. There’s only one aspect I sorely miss when reading PDFs with technical and mathematical content: the ability to split the screen in two, so that I could look at a theorem in one part, and browse through its proof in the other part. Think Emacs’ split screen functionality.

Of course, I’d have preferred a fully hackable reader (and be it only so I can experiment with ARM assembly programming) instead of a locked down device, but I’m weary of jail breaking the Kindle DX. It was too expensive for those kinds of experiments.

A New 9/11 WTC Collapse Theory

In addition to my own amateurish collapse theory, there’s a new theory of a SINTEF scientist involving molten aluminum and water. Interesting read.

Leaving manitu GmbH

Because they’ve hiked their prices, I’ve just terminated my seldom used account with ISP manitu GmbH. Unlike me being angry with my previous ISP KAMP Netzwerkdienste, I was not unhappy with manitu. In fact, I liked their friendly and polite ways. I left them, because they were only a backup ISP to me; and their higher prices didn’t justify their usefulness anymore.

Well, that’s inflation. Thanks to all you reckless central bankers from the ECB and FED for printing more and more fiat money. We should really end the FED and the ECB, and replace them with real money based on the Gold Standard. Sadly, that will remain a pipe dream.

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  1. How did things go with the SunBlade 1500 running the PGX-64 PCI Card? I have one myself and I’m very interested in knowing how you went with it. I’m thinking of buying a PGX64 – the XVR-600 is useless!