The German Parliament Committee responsible for investigating the Kunduz incident (Kunduz Untersuchungsausschuß) has completed its deliberations, and was predictably divided along party lines as to whom was responsible and whom was to blame for this disaster.

That was politics as usual, with every party covering up the misdeeds of its executives and blasting those of its opponents. Of course, the protocols and the minutes are kept secret (anyone surprised?), since 80% of the deliberations were ominously held behind closed doors.

Whatever… we’ll never see Colonel Georg Klein facing a court martial, because there are no military tribunals in Germany in times of peace since 1945. Since the civil prosecutor decided to drop the case, Klein’s behavior will go untried and — in case he was guilty — unpunished.

By the way, the civilian victims have still not been compensated and are planning to sue the German Government for damages. For one of the wealthiest nations on Earth that won’t hesitate to commit literally hundreds of billions of Euros to save French banks from Greece’s bankruptcy, acting so miserly with the widows of victims of Colonel Georg Klein is a real crying shame; especially considering that in Afghanistan, those widows have absolutely no way to make it on their own, and much less to rely on a non-existing social security network.