After the initial release of a couple of thousands of diplomatic cables from US embassies and the US Department of State by WikiLeaks, the stream of leaks suddenly ground to a halt. This was very disappointing to all of us interested in specific topics and regions.

For example, there were far too little details on Arab and North African countries in the initial batch of released cables. Did the US government see the so called “Arab Spring” coming? Were they instrumental in it? In what way? Where they blind or had they blind spots? Without a complete release of the whole batch of cables, it was impossible to tell.

In the mean time, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been confronted with (dubious?) rape allegations in Sweden, and has been arrested in the UK, pending extradition. It’s likely that once transferred to Sweden, he’ll be extradited to the US, where he’ll possibly be sentenced to death.

Interestingly, the encryption key of approx 1/3 of the stockpile of unredacted (raw) cables has been leaked by the press, and all of a sudden, the world had access to a treasure trove of unfiltered information, including, of course, personal names of informants and so on. After a couple of days, WikiLeaks gave up trying to censor or to delay the release of the cables and released the whole unredacted batch as one big 1.8 GB text file (don’t let the .csv extension fool you). There are so many cables in there, that analyzing all this will take ages, even when rapidly browsing though them with less(1), seeking special keywords.

A propos dubious rape allegations: there’s an interesting parallel between Julian Assange and Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK). Both have been charged with sexual assault, both denied it and pleaded not guilty. DSK was set free after he resigned from the IMF, while Assange is still facing those charges. So what’s in common between them? Assange threatened shortly before facing those charges that “… WikiLeaks had documents that would bring a very big US bank to fall.” DSK with his IMF hat on was probably aware of this too and was an outspoken USD critic.

I’m wondering if both allegations of rape have been staged and manufactured by said US bank to intimidate, to silence, or at least to discredit the messenger. It’s the same style, maybe it’s the same organization acting behind the scenes?