This year’s Waldo Canyon Fire has hit the beautiful city of Colorado Springs with devastating violence. It was the worst fire for a long time, and it is not over yet.

Not only did the fire destroy a lot of houses (preliminary list of destroyed property), evacuations and damage assessment are still underway. At the moment, western parts of Colorado Springs look like a complete disaster area, even though some houses bear no visible damage, at least as seen from the outside.

This is a tragedy. I’m shaken to the core, even while looking at this from a safe distance right now. Forest fires are nothing new in Colorado, but this one was particularly nasty. A big thank you to all brave firefighters who are working overtime far above and beyond the call of duty: you are true heroes.

The City of Colorado Springs has more details on its website right now, and is seeking donations and help. Please do what you can to provide money, relief, and assistance. Every little gesture helps.


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    WALDO CANYON INFORMATION: If you need more information, would like to volunteer or donate, please go to to find this information.

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  3. The wildfire forced more than 34,000 evacuees to seek shelter. Some have been allowed to return home.