Member of Parliament and current head of the Green Party Cem Özdemir wants to legalize Cannabis in Germany. To this end, he was seen participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, demonstratively posing before a Cannabis plant (plant as in: a single flower, not a farm mind you!). Now, he’s about to face prosecution by the State because even the simple possession of Cannabis is already a criminal offense in that country.

Here’s the video.

If you feel like me that it is rather ham-fisted to prosecute people for the simple act of owning a plant, you´ll feel inclined to a little bit of civil disobedience to show the powers that be that they went too far restricting individuals’ freedoms.

What I’m suggesting is this: find a company that manufactures fake cannabis, i.e. a replica in plastic of a cannabis plant, and put that replica on every window sill, on every balcony etc. in Germany and in every other country that prohibits ownership of cannabis. Let police run amok searching the homes of countless individuals, only to find a harmless and legal replica that isn’t the real thing (and is thus legal).

If enough people did that, it would amount to a massive civil disobedience movement, and to a distributed denial of “service” attack, or should I rather say a distributed denial of enforcement attack against prosecution by the State. That’s in my eyes the best way to protest a rather silly, pointless and unnecessarily restrictive law born out of the obsessional war on drugs.

Of course, you need to check with a lawyer to make sure this is legal in your country. Don’t do it, if even this is deemed illegal where you live.

Just to wit: Colorado legalized Cannabis in small quantities for personal recreational use a while ago, without apparent ill effects.

Personally, I’m neutral on cannabis: I’m neither for it, nor against it. But I’m definitely for letting people choose to live freely the way they like, and if it includes owning or using recreational amounts of cannabis, or owning a living plant of that name, so be it. It’s less harmful than alcohol or tobacco any day. So yes, Cem, go for it: legalize it!