In the previous episode, we’ve obtained a list of all symbols with the function OBLIST, and looked at their internal slots with SYMBOL->CELLS. While this was useful to examine a single package like, say, COMMON-LISP-USER, it didn’t tell us what other packages were available.

Unless you’re an author in Germany, you may never have heard of the ominous VGWort royalties collection agency. And unless you had to interact with them, you may not be aware of their shady, or at least highly questionable, business model. As a published author, I’ve had a pretty bad experience with VGWort lately, since they flatly refused to include my Python Book (Das Python Praxisbuch) in the list of books that are entitled to some royalties.

This is my last year as a member in the German Unix User Group (GUUG e.V.). I’m definitely leaving GUUG December 31st. 2012, and I don’t think that I’ll be back in the foreseeable future. I’m somewhat saddened by this move, but I see no alternatives for now.