During the last federal elections in Germany, the liberal democrats (FDP) reached 14.6%, and the Pirate Party made its debut with 2%.

It’s time to look at some old blog entries and post some follow-ups. Instead of updating each and every entry in-place, this article briefly summarizes what changed.

What do you do when you have a SPARC-based project, and no easy access to a SPARC machine to develop and thoroughly test your programs? Your client may offer to set up a VPN to their servers, but this is only practical if you do user-space application development. If you’re writing system software, and they don’t have a spare development machine, you’re pretty much on your own, because all those servers in the data centers are production machines, right?

Soon after US Navy Seals managed to kill Osama Bin Laden, a huge explosion destroyed much of Hell’s infrastructure. Hell had to close shop until further notice. According to sources, all poor damned souls had to be temporarily relocated to Purgatory. Hell workers have to rely on unemployment insurance. Repairs are underway.

What do you do with your overpriced, non-combat tested and extremely unpopular Rafale and Eurofighter jets that no country in their right mind is willing to buy? You demonstrate their capabilities in an especially tailored war for everyone to see! Right now, France, followed by the UK, Canada and Norway, have started test driving those machines in an ongoing air campaign against Libya’s Russian-type tanks, aging air defenses and rapidly decaying air force.