Eight years after terrorists crashed airliners into the two World Trade Center towers in New York City, and into the Pentagon, the almost “perfect” vertical collapse of the two towers remains a mystery — at least to me. Everyone has her own theory on how this could have happened, which may or may not be the same than the official one. In this post, I’ll add my own theory, or rather, wild speculation: the towers could have been equipped with a self-destruct mechanism that was unintentionally triggered by some fire-caused short in its circuitry, or beginning collapse. I don’t claim it is more plausible than the others. Just some food for thought.

I’ve been waiting over two years for the prices of e-ink based e-book readers to go down, because all of them are currently still way too expensive. As I’m looking for a decent sized display with a resolution of at least 768×1024, or preferably 1024×1280, I don’t expect miracles. Does such an e-reader exist, and is it affordable yet?

Demonoid is a semi-closed community of file sharers. They host a public BitTorrent tracker, but their website is closed to the general public. Unlike with most private trackers’ websites, users can’t register online with Demonoid without providing an invite from an already existing member. Is Demonoid therefore a honeypot?